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        2019-06-13 23:23:48

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      High resolution Retina graphics on the new iPad and enhanced HD graphics on non Retina iPads! Now with Game Center leaderboards and achievements too. 10 Pin Shuffle? is one of the most addictive, “pick up and play”, 3D bowling games available in the App Store and now you can experience it for FREE! This Lite version contains “10 Pin Poker”, one of three shuffleboard/bowling games found in the full version. “Bowl” at the pins with a puck on a bar room shuffleboard table and witness the powerful Newton physics engine deliver some of the most realistic 3D bowling pin physics yet seen in an iPhone App.

      “Top 100 Games of 2010” - iLounge.com
      “Bar game fun arrives on your iPhone with stellar graphics.” ? MacWorld
      “Just so darn addictive. This game has a permanent place on our iPhone already.” - AppSmile

      10 Pin Poker is a combination of 10 Pin Bowling, Shuffleboard and Five Card Draw Poker and the rules are simple:

      * 10 bowling pins are arranged at the end of a bar-room shuffleboard table.
      * Each player shoots two shuffleboard weights at the pins, just like bowling.
      * If the player scores a Spare they are dealt one playing card. Strikes are rewarded with two cards.
      * Players who already have five cards may exchange cards with the deck if they score further Spares or Strikes.
      * After ten frames, the player with the best five card poker hand wins.


      * Retina graphics on the New iPad.
      * Amazing 3D graphics with shiny chrome weights, shadows and reflections.
      * Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
      * Real 3D physics engine delivers accurate weight and pin physics.
      * Animation rewards and special effects.
      * Instant replays of great shots.
      * Play against computer opponents of varying skill levels or practice on your own.
      * Realistic sound effects capture every nudge, bump, and collision on the table.
      * The crowd reacts to your shots as the action unfolds.
      * Statistics and game scores are tracked and saved each game.
      * Controls are easy to grasp, but a challenge to master.
      * Easy and Expert controls with separate statistics.
      * Listen to your iPod music library while you play.
      * Resume game if iPhone is interrupted.
      * Works on all iPad models from OS 4.3 to OS 6.x

      The full version of 10 Pin Shuffle adds Peer-to-Peer multiplayer, allowing you to whoop a friend’s backside, and an additional two games:

      [1] SHUFFLEBOARD the game you’ve enjoyed in your local bar. Play against a friend or a computer opponent trying to out-shuffle each other’s weights or blast them off the table.

      [2] BOWLING with real 3D pin physics! The 10 Pin Poker playing cards are replaced with the familiar bowling score cards. See if you can join the elusive 300 Club. If you liked Wii Sports Bowling then you're going to love your 10 Pin Shuffle? bowling experience.

      Follow us on twitter: 10PinShuffle

      From Digital Smoke, developers of the popular Solitaire City? range of games, also available on the iTunes App Store.


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